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  • What do I need before I install a DJ-RapidCharge?
    For starters, you need either a Zero SR/F Premium or Zero SR/S Premium. These motorcycles come stock with 6kW of Level 2 charging, which gets you halfway there! Next, you need to install Zero's Rapid Charger (Charge Tank) upgrade for your motorcycle. This adds another 6kW of charging capability to the motorcycle, taking the total Level 2 charging capability to 12kW. When your dealer installs this upgrade, ASK THEM TO SAVE THE COMPONENTS THEY REMOVE DURING THE UPGRADE. Especially the 9kW J1772 harness and mounting hardware. This harness can be used as the AUX charging port for DJ-RapidCharge for no additional cost to you. If you have all that, you're ready to experience the benefits of DJ-RapidCharge to maximize your full 12kW of charging capability at Level 2 charging stations all over North America!
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