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  • DJ-RapidCharge

    SKU: DJ-RapidCharge

    The DJ-RapidCharge system is designed to install cleanly and maintain the stylish stock look of your Zero SR/F or SR/S motorcycle while shaving up to 50% off of your total charging time.  That way you get to spend more time riding and less time charging.


    Level 2 charging stations are still one of the most attractive options in North America because they are cheap and widely accessible.  Especially in rural areas where it's more fun to ride.  The 12kW charging capability of Zero SR/F and SR/S platforms equipped with Zero's 6kW Rapid Charger (Charge Tank) accessory offers owners the fastest on-board Level 2 charging system in the eMotorcycle market. 


    Here's the snag.  Although these bikes are well-equipped and L2 stations are plentiful, most stations in North America max out at about 6-7kW.  DJ-RapidCharge overcomes that limitation by providing the flexibilty to connect up to two 6kW charging stations simultaneously to achieve to full charging rate of the motorcycle.  For stations that support 12kW+ charging capability, DJ-RapidCharge adapts automatically to charge at the full 12kW+ rate using a single port.  Either way, you're able to charge the bike in less than an hour and be on your merry way.


    If you want ride more and charge less, talk to your Zero Dealer about upgrading your motorcycle to 12kW+ charging with the Rapid Charger upgrade.  Then, make the most of that investment by teaming it up with a DJ-RapidCharge system.  Ride fast, and charge faster.


      Automatically Routes Power to Maximize Charging Rate

      Single Charging Mode

      • Up to 12kW Charging on MAIN Inlet

      Dual Charging Mode

      • Up to 6kW on MAIN Inlet
      • Up to 6kW on AUX Inlet

      Included Components

      • DJ-RapidCharge Controller
      • Power Relay Harness
      • Control Harness
      • Dual-J1772 Mounting Bracket

      Compatible with the following Gen3 Motorcycles equipped with the 6kW Rapid Charger accessory:

      • 2020-2021 SR/F Premium
      • 2022 SR/F Standard /w 100% Faster Charge Cypher Upgrade
      • 2022 SR/F Premium
      • 2020-2021 SR/S Premium
      • 2022 SR/S Standard /w 100% Faster Charge Cypher Upgrade
      • 2022 SR/S Premium


      The 6kW Rapid Charger accessory is available from Zero Motorcycles and can be ordered/installed by your authorized Zero Motorcycles dealer.


      This product does not include the J1772 inlet harnesses.  It uses your existing 12kW charging harness that is included with the Zero Rapid Charger upgrade as the MAIN inlet.  The AUX inlet uses the 9kW harness that comes stock with the Zero SR/F Premium and SR/S Premium.  Be sure to have your dealer save this harness for you when they install the Rapid Charger.



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