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Scott Harkless
May 12, 2021
In Euro Bikers
Greetings to my fellow eMoto enthusiasts across the pond! I've noticed some chatter in the Zero Motorcycle Owner forums that there is the potential to improve charging rates on the Zero SR/F and SR/S. My understanding is that Zero equips their European version of the bike with a Type 2 charging inlet. They then hard-wire each of the 3-phase inputs to the 3 different onboard chargers. I'm sure this works great when 3-phases are actually provided, but apparently some stations only supply single-phase power. If this is true, then 2 of the onboard chargers are rendered useless on single-phase stations. Since our DJ-RapidCharge system is capable of automatically rerouting charger inputs, I believe that I can adapt this design to reroute the phase inputs in a similar manner on the European version of the bike. In other words, 2 modes of operation: 1. 3-phase Charging Mode - one charger per phase 2. Single-phase Charging Mode - All 3 chargers routed to the same phase input Before I can get started on this, the thing that would be most helpful is gathering information so I can consider the system design. First, I would like to confirm that my understanding is correct! Are you experiencing a loss of charging rate at some stations simply because the chargers aren't connected to the correct phase? Next, I will need to evaluate how Zero has internally wired the charging system inside the bike. Anyone who has studied this, please feel free to chime in with all of the information and photos you can share! Look forward to discussing this more with you guys and getting our European riders charging faster!!!

Scott Harkless

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