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Karl Bloss
May 25, 2023
In DJ-RapidCharge
Just before the Electrics at the Dragon event in May 2023, my Zero dealer (Boondox Motorsports in Caledonia, MI) finally got the Zero Charge Tank part for my 2022 SR/S Premium. I already had the DJ Rapid Charge parts in hand from Scott, so the mechanic agreed to install it all at the same time. After going through one bum Zero charger, the 2nd one worked and DJ Rapid fired up right with it. A home test with one 40A and one 32A EVSE confirmed the charging power of about 12.5 KW. Two Level 1 chargers yield over 2.5 KW, so even that is a bonus if nothing else is available. I then trailered the bike to Tail of the Dragon and the DJ Rapid came in handy on multiple occasions. It turns out that if you plug a TurboCord running at 3.6 KW into the primary port plus a Level 1 into the seondary, the power is still additive despite the different power levels for a total of almost 5 KW. Anyway, I'm just back from that trip and now I'm totally psyched about more touring this summer. There are lots of dual ChargePoint units around Michigan where DCFC is still not quite as prevalent yet. Also it seems that while DCFC is likely the future solution, for now DJ Rapid is much more robust with any RV park essentially becoming a 12 KW charging site. So kudos to Scott for developing this kit!
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Karl Bloss

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